Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric !

So Eric Once again had 3 Birthday's! What a lucky guy. First we went to the movie 'Madagasgar' on Sat with the Dixon Cousins. We had Dinner and Cake on Sunday at Kim's, because Zach's is the day after Eric's. Then on his REAL Birthday (11-11) he had Cake with the Dixon Cousins again just to Celebrate.

Love you. MOM xoxo

Into the woods

My big Sister and her Husband bought my whole family tickets to the play 'Into The Woods' for our Birthdays. My Niece Lindsay & I sat in the front row at the Hale Theater and sang every word! Thanks for the tickets.
K- so we went to Chili's in West Valley after the play and this is what greets you.?! P.S this sign is at least 6ft x 5ft.

My Sister Kim looking "fierce"...

This is Keith, my sister's boyfriend. He works as Security at the U of U and concerts and things(Totally gonna use him when Aerosmith comes to town). He is like 6'5 and has so far been very shy. WHAT!!!!! Wrong thing to do around me. So this picture was taken during HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KEITH ! My sister looks bugged because it's not even his Birthday. Ha Ha , he was a sport though.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Craft Blog

Hey guys I have now created my own blog for my crafts. I am working on new decorations right now so stay tuned.

This is what we did for Halloween.

Heidi Moody and her Cup cakes.

We went to our Friend Lisa Tanner's house & chilled with the ladies while our kids went in search of LOOT!

This is Lisa and her scary shirt!

This kid was hillarious as a banana. We kept making him dance to the song "It's Peanut butter Jelly Time!" (had to be there)

I think she had too many Cup cakes.
Anyways, Later our friend and Birthday girl (Heidi Dare), came over and we had a blast with the B.S and acking like "Hoodlums". Truely one Halloween to go in the books.

Happy Halloween!

I know, I know, Eric was supposed to be Freddy Krugger! Last minute he changed his mind and there was no turning back. Taylor, Eric and Taylors friend Alex, went Trick or Treating & brought back tons of CRAP to ruin my diet. But good thing they ate the good stuff first (less to be tempted).
P.S Abby went with my Niece Lindsay on Halloween. Abby was Sleeping Beauty and Lindsay was a Devil. Oh, and my big Sis went as Snow White. Pic's of them to come.

Libbi Pic's

For those of you who know me, I am not much of a writer. So, Libbi is doing great, she got to come home today! She truly is a miracle baby. Keep it up "Super Girl" My Sister in law has made Libbi's site public again, so if you are interested in seeing how she is doing go to ... Thanks Mindi for sharing her with us.

Fall and Halloween